Stone 8 Childhood
Oh, childhood, oh glorious dream-filled time,
When the world was sunny and hopeful and kind!
How often while miserable, lonely with grime
When I’m drinking I do so in order to find
A way back to the wonderful kingdom of dreams,
Full of palaces, castles and glory,
Where each of my friends is a beacon who beams
And where wild nymphets dance oh so freely.

No obstacles to my happiness stand,
No blockage to travelling free. –
What matter the limits today in this land?
No, my childhood comes back to me. –

I’m tired and I wish once again to reside
In that town, in the heather to sleep.
To dream of chambers golden and wide,
And eternal youth ever to keep.

Oh, let me now slumber as sunset draws nigh
Once more as in days of my youth!
Oh, sing now, thou fir tree, oh thrush now do sigh,
For I am once more just the child of my truth. –
I then lean my head against a tree in the glen,
Release fear and fight from my chest.
Oh, murmur thou birches, oh whisper amen –
And sing me to eternal rest.

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by Jimmy Ginsby | Minnesstenar, Jimmy Ginsby läser Dan Andersson

English translation by: Linda Schenck